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The Constitution limits the Executive Branch, the President, to two terms, 8 years. This is one area where I feel the Founding Fathers did not go far enough with their foresight. There are members of Congress who have made service in Washington D.C. a life long career. Some Representatives and Senators have been in office for 20, 30, and even 40 years. The current Congressman for District 4, Robert Aderholt, was first elected in 1997. Our country has been hijacked by individuals who have gone to Capitol Hill and grown roots. Many have become so entrenched with the affairs of Washington that they have forgotten the very people who’ve put them there.

As your Congressman, I will make it a priority to introduce legislation that amends the term limits of Congress, both the Senate and the House. The Senate should be limited to two terms, 12 years. The House of Representatives should be limited to 5 terms, 10 years.

Regardless of if these new term limits are in fact accepted and passed into law by Congress, I agree to limit myself as a Congressman to 8 years. After such time, I will not seek re-election and will step down voluntarily from my position.

Committee to Elect Mike Moses
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