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The 16th Amendment is a complete contradiction on how the Founders envisioned funding the federal government. Like Social Security, the 16th Amendment was another "temporary" progressive idea that has become deeply ingrained in the day to day operations of America.

The amendment within the Constitution that gives Congress the power to collect taxes on income without apportioning it among the many states, was actually passed in 1909 and then ratified in 1913. Before the ratification of the amendment, Congress had passed The Income Tax Act of 1894 that tried to establish a 2% income tax on anyone earning over $4,000 in income. The Tax Act was challenged and taken to the U.S. Supreme Court where it was deemed unconstitutional, which is why the  government passed the 16th Amendment.

Prior to the failed Income Tax Act of 1894, an income tax was implemented as part of the Revenue Act of 1861 to finance the Civil War. The income tax was eventually terminated after the war, as the Republic no longer needed the money. The 16th Amendment was sold to the American public as a way to make the rich pay their so-called "fair share." That law, which was cleverly billed as a "soak the rich" scheme, instead with the help of the 17th Amendment which took representation away from the states and the Federal Reserve act also passed in 1913 grew the federal government from a Constitutional Republic to a true democracy controlled by a monster bank cartel that now threatens to drown us all.

The current tax code is now four million words long, more than four times longer than the collected works of Shakespeare, and more than seven times longer than the Bible. It requires 25 volumes to contain it, it takes up nine feet of shelf space and few if anyone has ever read it in its entire context. According to Forbes, it takes Americans over six billion hours to comply with its filing requirements. That's the equivalent of 8,758 lifetimes – in people years, not dog years. This monstrosity is based entirely on a 16th Amendment interpretation, which authorizes Congress "to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived."

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